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Aj zdravo team strives every day to tell a unique story through healthy treats you can find in our display. Each cake is one-of-a-kind, handcrafted with lots of love, attention, and dedication.
From a young age, we've loved to 'roll up our sleeves,' as the saying goes. We completely renovated the space where you can now enjoy coffee and imagine you're anywhere in the world. Well, anywhere because a little imagination never hurts, right? While we were renovating we made sure to give a fresh look to everything we have used, because there's a certain charm in things that have a history – call it a soul, a spirit, or whatever expression works for you. Why buy new when you can instead breathe new life into what you already have? Starting with the staircase assembled from boards dating back to the '80s, all the way to chairs from various corners of the world, a completely different fairy tale emerged.
Our story, known to you, officially begins in May 2023, even though it started in our hearts long before. We're delighted to share this journey with you.

Our treasures

Vegan & vegetarian cakes and candies
Hot organic tea and coffee
Cold pressed juices
Craft rye-oat beer
Great selection of wines
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Welcome to our cozy corner in the heart of Novi Sad

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Address: Novi Sad, Zmaj Jovina, 22

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 9:00 – 23:00

Phone: +381 64 2811088